RENTAL – Leslie Speaker

$100.00 – $700.00

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The leslie is a 125 cabinet with a custom cabinet up top. It was built/rewired by Ross Sickbert, also of Co. Springs. The design emulates a 122RV, where the wet/reverb signal is sent through speakers mounted on the side. The leslie speakers are clean and free of the reverb. Leslies with reverb running through the spinning speakers tend to be a bit more muddy when they get soaked in reverb. The reverb comes from a Hammond A-100 and is mounted inside the upper horns cabinet.

Also, the bottom cabinet (drum rotor) can be played by itself (without the upper horns) Not sure if I mentioned that to you

You can just run any 1/4″ instrument cable into the pre-amp/foot controller and that runs 6pin out to the leslie. The preamp pedal makes it super easy to hook up just about any instrument to a leslie (guitars, vocals, etc)