"[Recording at] Cosmic Collective was an amazing experience. The sound was exceptional and the production crew had a keen sense of what was going on!"


Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe & The Greyboy Allstars
“Cosmic Collective were the consummate professionals, providing quality work with a quick turn around on Everest Air for Travel Channel.”


Travel Channel
"Cosmic Collective is an UNREAL spot! Incredible equipment, really solid sounding room, great location, and best of all...the crew is soooo rad! The guys at Cosmic are super knowledgeable and have a professional work ethic. The experience my band and I had was legendary and I would highly recommend for any musician. Big ups Cosmic Collective!"

Chris Ball

“Being in a group that plays gigs ranging from Theaters and Outdoor festivals to local breweries it’s imperative to have a sound engineer with the right gear to scale up and drown depending on the gig. Cosmic Collective is always our first call to make sure we have the right gear for the job every show”


Flash Mountain Flood
"Cosmic is the perfect place to hone your craft and find your sound. The rehearsal room is filled with gear at your disposal, and Eric (who owns it), is always more then happy to help get set-up. It’s run in a professional manner and provides a much needed and appreciated value to the front range music community. Couldn’t recommend more!"

Aarron Pettine

Envy Alo
“Eric and all the people at Cosmic Collective are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. From recording to rehearsals they are as accommodating as they come. I would recommend them to musicians of any caliber. Definitely the best space in Boulder for musicians looking to work on their music!”

Ethan Desmond

Public Safety
"The Comic crew always has my back! Whether I need a rehearsal space or an emergency instrument rental, I know I'm covered!"

Andrew Cooney

10th Mountain Division
“Cosmic Collective has taken care of us for years, and our record label wouldn’t be where it’s at today without Cosmic’s support. From recording to rentals to rehearsals and beyond, Cosmic is there with fair deals and I have built a great relationship out of our partnership. Will recommend always. Much love to Cosmic Collective!”


Keepin’ It Real Records