Cosmic Artist Interview Series: Doze Interviews YaSi

Doze: For those of you who don’t know Yasi and I are very close friends and we have a song that just came out..


YaSi: .. called CRAZZYYYYY (“CRZY” is on now live Spotify and SoundCloud )


D: So tell us a little about yourself


Y: I am a singer, songwriter, artist from Denver, CO. I have a project that will probably be coming out sometime in 2019 and I have a show at Larmier Lounge on Nov. 29th with Doze and our friend Dava! (TICKETS)


D: Yasi is also an R&B singer.. she does it All. She’s from Iran and is a super badass, super passionate, smart daughter of immigrants - She’s Kickass. That does not define her identity, but it’s a huge part of it.


.. Have you lived in Denver your whole life?


Y: Yes!


D: What’s your favorite vegetable?


Y: Oooo good question! I rotate between three, which are sweet potatoes, carrots and onions…Shout out to tomatoes too but I can’t have them..


D: Aren't tomatoes fruit..I think they are..They’re kind of in the middle haha


So let’s get into some technical stuff. For those of you who don’t know Yasi has probably performed at close to every venue in Denver. She usually performs with a band if not just a drummer and a DJ (DJ 58 who’s on the radio and drummer Slack Beats)..


In terms of a show how often do you rehearse?


Y: I used to be pretty crazy and rehearse once a week but since my current band has played a bunch of shows together and know the material well. We make sure to get 3 rehearsals minimum in before a given show. We’ve been playing together for the last 2.5 years so I’m pretty confident in our chemistry but that I think its important to exercise those muscles and have a schedule where you rehearse consistently.


D: When you first started out you would rehearse a bunch for a show - when I rehearse for my first shows I would practice my set so many times that it became second nature and I could go through the whole set without even having to think about it and it would just flow out of me.


Y: These days rehearsal is more important to smooth out transitions between songs if we change up the order of our setlist. Make sure it still feels comfortable.


D: Yeah I feel that for sure. What is a must in a rehearsal space?


Y: Understanding. I think that if you’re not comfortable with your band mates you're less likely to speak up. If you have a nature of understanding as the ring leader, even if people mess up the band members are more likely to express why they missed a part or what information they need from you.


D: What about equipment wise and the space - what is a must for Yasi?


Y: I think the biggest thing is being in a space you’re comfortable in.


D: What to you is the best part of performing live?


Y: I love performing live because you get to see the impact of your music in real time - you can tell if people are actually into it and having an experience as a result.


D: Who is your favorite artist to see live? Favorite show you’ve ever seen?


Y: For both questions my answer would definitely be Kid Cudi. Miguel at the Ogden Theatre was the best show that I didn’t expect to see. Also shout out Erykah Badu. Every time I see her it’s life changing.


D: What is your dream venue to perform at..


Y: Red Rocks


D: I knew you were going to say that. That’s every Colorado kids dream!


(Both Laugh)


Y: But also after having just performed a song at the Pepsi Center and to hear your voice through a sound system it would be really cool to be able to perform in a huge arena


(For those of you who don’t know Yasi just performed just recently joined Splyt and Paws at the Pepsi Center for a half time show at a Nuggets game)


D: How do you think music equipment benefits musicians?


Y: There are people who have made beats for Kendrick (Lamar) on Garage Band on their iPhone, record with a USB microphone. I ultimately think that if a song is good, it’s good - music equipment only enhances the capacity to express and execute any given song.


But I will tell you that I use a Nuemann TLM 103 to record my vocals.


D: Well thanks for sitting down and talking with us !!


Y: Come see us Thursday <3 TICKET LINK